You should be presently hearing invigorating music by the late Mahlatini (1933-1999) featuring the Mahotella Queens from South Africa


Das ist aber pure Ingenieurskunst! ... As a proof that engineers can also be talented artists!

By the way, have you ever heard of Cugnot? Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot was a French inventor. He is known to have built the first working self-propelled mechanical vehicle, the world's first automobile. (Wikipedia)

Motor car, motor cycle, motor truck ... The motor is the very heart of any vehicle. But how weird? That very heart of a truck, a van, an automobile is hidden from view and stuck under a hood! What a pity! In my opinion cars should be transparent in order to let us see the motor inside. Indeed, when you look closely at it, you can actually discover a very beautiful object, even a pure work of art.

bentley_engine engine_bmw engine_bmw
engine_bmw engine_bmw engine_cadillac
engine_porsche engine_bugatti engine_porsche
engine engine_porsche engine_mercedes_mclaren

And now I guess that I have convinced you that those beautiful items deserve to be exhibited in any (normal, not only technical!) museum in the world!

To be continued...