About the music: An extract from Maurice Ravel's Pavane pour une infante défunte


Have you ever visited a great museum? Then you know that just before leaving the building you will find some interesting boutiques with a lot of books, postcards, posters and other items about the current (or former) exhibitions, quite the opposite to cinemas: here you have nothing to buy, but things to let you get fat: sodas, sweets and pop-corn.

grand_palais grand_palais

What a pity that some folks in the movie industry are so unimaginative! Yet, everyone knows that the cinema's core target are teenagers and young adults. It just happens that teenagers love to decorate their rooms with posters! I do know that as a former teenager and as a former (home) teacher too. In this regard I must confess that the only posters about cinema that I have ever seen in teens' bedrooms were devoted to Batman. Good job Bat'!


So, let me - still being a teenager - make a few suggestions to some great mogul(s) of the film industry: "Dear Sir/Madam CEO, every time I go to the movies with friends, we have much fun especially with the new blockbusters in 3D. But there are some items we miss a lot: in fact, we would like to go back home with some souvenirs of the film show, such as storyboards, photo albums or posters to stick in our rooms. Why not putting some shops and boutiques all around the cinema so as to avoid us to go and look for the items elsewhere, and eventually not find them. Thank you Sir/Madam CEO."

To tell the truth, nowadays very good film posters are quite rare. Should you ask me what makes the difference between a good and a bad film poster, I would just show you the two following items: on the left, an ordinary poster, made without any imagination, and a good one on the right. You cannot seriously imagine that four faces put on a sheet of paper would convince me to go and see any movie, can you? Conversely, the poster on the right suggests more things, which are supposed to arouse curiosity in me because the attitude of the three characters is actually telling us the beginning of an interesting story. Furthermore, you have that counterpoint and perspective shown by the trio... Of course, a good poster alone doesn't make any good film, but it happens that 'Million Dollar Baby' is also a very good film!

samba dollar_baby

Let's now talk about interesting film (and other) posters: I found the coming pictures - not always of good quality (resolution, size) - on the net, but... as you can see, I turned them into stereoscopies. First of all, Hôtel du Nord (Northern Hotel) is one of the most famous French movies of the first half of the 20th century (Marcel Carné, 1938), with that famous reply by actress Arletty : "Atmosphère, atmosphère, est-ce que j'ai une gueule d'atmosphère ?" (Atmosphere, atmosphere, do I have the mug of an atmosphere?). Apparently the producer released many versions of the poster.

hotel-du-nord hotel-du-nord
hotel-du-nord hotel-du-nord
hotel-du-nord hotel-du-nord
le_lyonnais bette_davis
Indigènes Matrix
avatar_cameron batman
million_dollar_baby now_you_see_me
snow_white_seven_dwarfs hitchcock
le_rouge_et_le_noir truffaut