Summer 2018

It was a very hot summer -with something incredible and very rare as some forest fires in the Köln area in Germany- until I came to ... Salzburg! I am going to say it in German: 'Salzburg ist einmalig! Stellen Sie sich vor: so niedrige Wolken (keine hundert Meter vom Boden entfernt...) sieht man nur in Salzburg! Immerhin habe ich den Aufenthalt genossen, wie immer bei Mozart!' To tell the truth, Salzburg is certainly one of the few places on Earth where you will see clouds floating so close to the ground as if they would lick the top of houses and trees!

My very first encounter on that day in Brussels was quite a strange one. Very early in the morning I was strolling across a public garden when I got the impression that something had flown behind a girl passing by... But I was fully concentrated on things to photograph. As the girl came back some minutes later to pick up the scarf she had unfortunately lost, I could just tell her: 'What a pity! I must apologize because I had the feeling that something had flown behind you, but I had something else in mind!'. 'You are welcome!' she said; 'but what about all the equipment?' Then I had to explain her the making of stereoscopic pictures, as I use to do plenty of times when I am visiting museums or monuments, people asking me questions about this and that ... I guess she's now surely stirring up all her friends to invite them to view her 3D portrait online!

About ten hours walk each day, let's say at about 3 to 4 km/h; that means a lot of calories burnt, especially in Brussels, but also in Munich. As a result, I came back home with 4 kg less, and a six-pack-abs like Cristiano Ronaldo! 'Cristiano, you are no longer alone, and I am older than you are ... Let's just see what you would look like when you reach my age. Surely some 'petit bourgeois' with fat belly!'

By the way, the city halls of Brussels and Munich seem to have been designed by the same architect. Anyway, someone seems to have been impressed by his prestigious inspirator (we have plenty of famous examples in history; let's think of Buxtehude and Bach, Bach and Vivaldi, Mozart and Beethoven, Goya and Picasso, etc.)! (see links at the bottom)

Links : Buxtehude - Bach *** Mozart - Beethoven*** Picasso