Winter 2017-2018

Of course, we all know that bears hibernate in winter. And bears are mammals. What a pity that we, human beings - and mammals, too - don't imitate bears! Can you imagine our world without human beings during a whole season? The Earth without hunting, fishing, wars, pollution, assassinations, corruption... What a relief for our friends animals and plants!

As for me, I am experimenting the art to hibernate, in order to regenerate at spring. And look! I recently went to the baker's of my neighbourhood, when I heard him saying: "What do you fancy young man?". Surprised, I looked back over my shoulder, but there were only two of us in the shop. Anyway, I just thought: "What? How can he call me 'young man', he, who is surely much younger than I am?!". All that sounded so funny that I began to laugh, and even had the giggles, what he surely could not understand... 'Young man'... Ha! Ha! Ha! All that means that it is worth hibernating..., and making much gym! But, to be honest, I'd have more appreciated the situation if the baker had been a girl! smiley

During the last winter I decided to practice more Russian (knowing that Russia's greatest poet [Алэксандр Пушкинъ - say Alexandr Pushkin] had African ancestors!), Arabic; learn more Japanese hiragana, katakana, and Chinese and Japanese kanji; create some other websites, besides a lot of other interesting issues as Bach's Das Wohl Temperierte Klavier, Debussy's Children's corner and Bartok's Mikrokosmos (much easier to play than Bach!).

By the way, I am regularly badgered with questions like this one: "How do you manage to do without any Facebook nor Twitter account"?. Then I always make the same answer: "Do you know that - as far as I am informed - a lot of celebs like filmmaker and producer George Lukacs haven't got any Facebook nor Twitter account either"?. Ha! Ha! Ha! The fact is that we could get along so far without FB and Twitter; why should we fail now? By the way, welcome to the COTWHNTTSOFOT (Club Of Those Who Have No Time To Spoil On Facebook or Twitter) George!

To be (more) serious, I consider Edward Snowden one of the greatest heroes of our times (alongside some people like Wikileaks's whistleblower Bradley, actually Chelsea Manning), and I am quite sure that Snowden hasn't got any FB nor Twitter account ..., as far as I am well informed!

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