'Stadt' in German means 'town'; and Salzburg in Austria is the very place to hear, breathe, feel, eat ... Mozart. Of course, you can eat Mozart! Or something that is connected with the composer: little round pieces of chocolate named "Mozartkugeln". But I am afraid, I cannot certify that all those "Mozartballs" are made in Austria! You have also the "Mozartsteg" (small bridge over the river Salzach), the "Mozarts Geburtshaus" where Wolfgang was born, and of course the Mozarteum, the famous Music Academy.

To tell the truth, the only problem in Salzburg is what they call "Schnürlregen", a sort of drizzle, consisting in a very light rain, but lasting for days and nights at the desperation of people in camp sites. But don't be afraid of the Salzburger drizzle, that anyway doesn't prevent the town from enjoying a very fine weather most of the time, and besides that it is the cause of that (ever)green colour of the landscape. Moreover, if the surrounding mountains are responsible for some drizzle, they protect also the town from heavy storms and hurricanes. And here you have two large forest hills (Mönchsberg and Kapuzinerberg) on both sides of the river, where you can maintain your fitness, if you enjoy a good health.

Did I already tell you that I love that place? The old town is small enough to be crossed (from the railway station to the castle) within twenty minutes, on foot! And here I saw for the first time some interesting people as young Anne-Sophie Mutter for her first appearence at the Great Festival Hall alongside maestro Karajan, and many other great artists from Friedrich Gulda to Jessye Norman.

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Nota bene to the Youtube archives (available depending on the Copyright's rules in your country): You don't need to be a believer to appreciate the genius of Mozart, a freemason composing for the Catholic Church! By the way, I adored listening to and seeing Bernstein, but this time he seems to have confused Mozart with Bruckner: "Es müsste ein Andante sein, Lenny, höchstens ein Adagio, aber kein Largo!" (It should be an Andante, at the most an Adagio, but not a Largo!). But it was Bernstein! ... What should I say about Karajan and Norman in Salzburg? [Strange words of Karajan, on the way to the concerthall: "C'est fini! That's the end!". And his wife replies: "Non, non, non, rien n'est fini ; tout commence ... Nothing is finished, everything is at the beginning."] That I have goosebumps every time I watch that archive? That is far below the truth! Have you got how she whispers (= piano / pianíssimo!) at the beginning: "Mild und leise wie er lächelt, wie das Auge hold er öffnet"? (More)