Just guess who are: 1) The composer? 2) The incredible flautist? The composer? Who else as J. S. B. (Sonata for flute, clavichord ... B.W.V.? I can't remember!)? The flautist with the big lungs? Maxence Larrieu.

By the way, do you recognize the girl?

Would you ask me about my favourite Hollywood actresses, I would just answer that SHE would for sure stand on the podium, despite a rather short career, but meanwhile she was smart enough to get an Oscar.

Besides that, from a technical point of view, she is surely one of the best photographed Hollywood actresses ever, simply because she was incredibly photogenic, and was also lucky enough to meet (old?) photographers with academical training (not that sort of Photosh... manipulators!), I mean who knew exactly the meaning of 'perspective'! She became a big star thanks to people like Sir Alfred Hitchcock (cf. Rear Window, co-starring James Stewart)... How old/young on the photo? She could be 16, 18, maybe 20, not more. Isn't she gorgeous?

The picture is not finished yet; to tell the truth I got some problems with the hair! And there are more than 250 other pictures of the young lady waiting in my computer ...



To be continued ..., maybe!