(Updated on June 7, 2014)


Some of the pictures displayed here come from the Internet. I shot the rest myself in Paris (2013, 2014). You will surely notice that there are in this section more girls than boys. Of course I find girls more photogenic! smiley

By the way, should you ask me who are for me the most interesting players of the 2014 turnament of Roland Garros, I would answer without any hesitation: two newcomers, I mean two (young) girls smiley: Garbiñe Muguruza from Spain, and Eugénie Bouchard from Canada, both beaten by (oldtimer) Maria Sharapova.

To be honest, we must congratulate Maria Sharapova for her big tournament (even if the performance of Simona Halep -beaten in the first round last year- is quite extraordinary), because she is recovering from a serious injury and shows us that she is 100 times more professional than a lot of other players (males and females)!

Of course the page is still under construction...

Nota bene: To photograph moving targets as it is the case in all sports -and, in addition, in 3D- it is absolutely necessary to stabilize the equipment (then you are handling with two cameras, which can happen to be very heavy after a while, and each one could send (bad) vibrations to the other one), and that makes the use of a monopod or tripod absolutely essential. But in Roland Garros -the organisators of which have nothing in mind, but business and money, neglecting the safety and the comfort of the players and the public while all other Gran Slam turnaments have now special roofs for rainy days... [Australian Open: 1988!!!]- every item longer than 20 cm has to be left at the cloakroom! In fact, every type of sophisticated equipment is prohibited, because the public should not make too good photographs, which would be likely to compete with those made by the accredited photographers! That is the very trick that the mafia of 'official photographers' in Roland Garros has invented in order to get rid of some too smart competitors. For that reason I decided (just after the 2014 turnament) to boycott that stupid folk in the future! Besides that, I still have a huge amount of images from the years 2013 and 2014 waiting for treatment into 3D in my computer.