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À propos, there is a very important item that you must have in order to enjoy the pictures available on this site: red-blue glasses like these below ...


Nota bene: If your current browser is MS. Internet Explorer, please bear in mind that there are many other browsers more efficient (1) (2). The fact is that I have tested this website on a lot of browsers, but IE! Besides that, as already indicated elsewhere, a big influx of visitors can lead to a slowing down of the connections, what I regularly notice myself. Should I be delighted at it or regret it? Anyway, thank you for being patient! Now I realize how amazing 3D pictures can be! smiley (More)



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By the way, when you have plenty of things to achieve at the same time, it can sometimes happen that your attention is diverted by this or that, and then everything goes wrong! For instance I recently discovered some 'bugs' on the chapter 'χρόνος' [Chronos] (after renewing the pages I had just forgotten to update the links ...). 'Du Erztrottel!', I thought (in German). I suppose that there are some other 'bugs' left, and hidden here and there ... Wait and see.

The purpose of this site is to convince everybody of the amazingness of stereocopic pictures, but making them can take much time, and I have got more than 200,000 items in my personal archives waiting for transformation! Therefore, this site is still in construction. Anyway, some links are already up-to-date, but the goal of all this should be an impressive E-boutique with amazing 3D pictures consisting in world premieres ... We are working on it.

To be quite honest, we all know that the Internet is a friendly place, something like a big 'agora', but it is also the haunt of a lot of gangsters and criminals who can thereby leverage their harmful capabilities. Consequently, even if I have to be known, being yet a small artisan, I have to pay attention not to fall in the ease, so am I not at all inclined to deliver all my projects in the open, to see them plundered by swindlers. For that reason, be aware that what you are going to see here is only the tip of the iceberg concerning my current projects. Moreover, all available pictures are in a '.gif' format, which explains some visible defects due to compression; but there are for sure some other reasons! smiley


Besides that, many people ask me how I manage to do this and that… I recently heard that there were a German software capable of converting automatically any image into its stereoscopic version. Ha! Ha! Ha! Let me laugh! Just look at the Russian tsar's family or the painting by Fragonard below: every picture took me close to one to two hours to turn it into a 3D one; more than three hours for 'Molière'! And I am going to defy anyone to achieve the same result with a single mouse click!




By the way, considering Amenophis above, and the statue (NOK/Nigeria) below, would you guess which one is older?


To tell the truth, I'm always a little (= very!) surprised to see so few websites dedicated to 3D photography, in a time where there is a lot of work to achieve. I found less than five interesting sites on the Internet, which are (were) doing a great job after all, but the sites hadn't been updated for many years and were seemlingly out of business. What a pity! But fortunately there are still many interesting contributors on the net, for instance some imaginative people putting their cameras on kites or balloons, and whose works I am all the more pleased to praise on my website (Link).

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And, of course, we all know that it is the young audience that led Walt Disney and Co to fortune, as it is making the fortune of the publishers of video games and mangas as well! Do I have to tell you (mezza voce=whispering) that I hate mangas? But what the hell do they find so nice at those ugly drawings???

You may find a lot of things (pictures), which are apparently imperfect (= still in progress); it is normal because they are nothing, but drafts, sketches, things on which I still need to work. Have you ever heard of Leonardo's sketches and studies? smiley












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Let's be honest: isn't it amazing to see things as they actually look like? In fact, dealing with 3D allowed me to acquire stereoscopic eyes, in any case to improve this ability, which we have all got by birth since we have two eyes. And, this obsession for stereoscopy makes that now I can actually see a lot of things that I hardly noticed in the past, definitely much sharper than before. Let's just consider some honeybees, Parisian buildings or activities of everyday life.

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